How To Convert Facebook Profile To A Page


We are always surprised when we see that that a business or organization is still using a Facebook Profile instead of Page.  Not only that’s against Facebook rules but also they are missing on all the features that a Page has to offer to them (application, statistics, and more.)

Facebook Profiles are for individuals only.

If your business or organization does not have page and you are using a Facebook Profile to conduct business (or communicate with your audience/members, etc.) we strongly suggest that you convert your Profile to a Page as soon as possible.

Watch the video below for instructions.  Remember to save all your data first.  And also know that this migration is permanent. But for businesses and organization is the right thing to do.

If you have any questions after watching the video please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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  1. says

    Great Post! I have helped some clients with this conversion and I am surprised more people don’t know about it.

    I did have one issue – getting a page name changed from a person’s name to the business name after that. I did submit the name change to Facebook and they approved it – but never changed it. After several emails back to them, they said the change could NOT be approved after all as the new page name could be ‘misleading’ to fans! Not sure what that means as the whole page has the business name all over it! I have tried repeatedly to contact them at Facebook – but they are ignoring me now! Any suggestions?

  2. says

    Very valuable information for those businesses that have been using their profiles as business pages! This way you can convert your “friends” to “fans.”

    • paulinobrener says

      Thanks, Dale. Yes indeed. And there still many businesses that don’t get it and keep using a profile instead of a page. ~ Paulino


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